Winery construction
Nikita persimmons in the nectar garden

Winery construction
Chris and Erin's wedding ceremony in the old sheep pasture

Winery construction
Our cousin Tammy and her son Noah as Dorothy and the Scarecrow from THE WIZARD OF OZ
Winery construction
Apples in the barn in the autumn light

Winery construction
Some great press in Whirl magazine

Winery construction
The winery winter 2010 -- Ski-in ski-out

Call us at 724-547-4760 to order

Now Baking Pies and Cookies

Open EVERY Day



Frozen berries available now


Sand Hill Berries Baked Goods Available Year-round

724-547-4760---IT IS ALWAYS BEST TO ORDER. Call to order between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM if possible.
We prefer that you do not leave orders on the answering machine. If you do leave a message, we should contact you. if you don't hear from us, we might not have been able to hear your message correctly (especially from a cell phone), so please just give us a call again.

Pies are two sizes --- 8-inch (serves 4-6, $10 ) and 10-inch (serves 7-9, $15)      Dutch Apple Pie will be available as long as we have apples to peel. It includes our own Honey Cream Glaze.   lg $22   sm $16
Double Crust Apple Pie may be available occasionally but cannot be ordered

All our regular pies fully baked (Lg - $15, Sm - $10)Red Raspberry, Blackberry, Bumbleberry, Raspberry-Cherry, Blueberry, Cherry, and Three-B. All of these are also available 1/2-baked and frozen (with instructions on how to finish them at home) throughout the winter.

Also available almost every day but it's still best to ORDER:
 Raspberry Chocolate and Raspberry Sour Cream available fully baked only.
 (lg - $15, Sm - $10)

 Also available by special order: All Rhubarb, Three-Fruit, Rhubarb Custard, Raspberry-Rhubarb and Strawberry Rhubarb, Sugar-Free Raspberry Pie
  (lg - $15, Sm - $10)

Traditional New York Style Cheesecake 9-inch, serves 10 nicely. $25
Available with raspberry topping - order separately. Topping $6.50/ pt.
Chocolate Raspberry Cookies Cocoa cookies studded with white chocolate chips and raspberries.
Apple Walnut Cookies Apple walnut cookies with cream cheese icing. Order recommended.
Red White and Blue Cookies   Craisins, dried blueberries, and white chocolate chips in an oatmeal cookie with a squiggle of cream cheese icing. Order recommended.
All cookies $7.00/6

Winery construction
Cousin Marsha, sister-in-law Sally and her brother Bill on cookie detail Saturday