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My boyfriend and I spent last Saturday afternoon at your winery. We've visited many wineries from California to New York and found yours to be one of our favorites. You have a great selection of wines and after we purchased a couple of bottles, we sat out in the gardens and enjoyed the music along with our wine. We plan on visiting again this weekend and will try some of your delicious pies we've heard so much about. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
25 August 2011 - Pittsburgh

Webmaster comments   We really appreciate your gracious comments.

While visiting family recently in Perryopolis, we visited your farm. What a wonderful place. We walked the gardens, petted your sheep and viewed the wedding venue. Your site is breathtaking. We did a little 'shopping' in the farm store and winery as well. Best pies and cookies ever!!! We will definitely come back and I can't wait to share your site with friends so they can experience the raspberry pie!!
17 July 2011 - Florida

Webmaster comments   Thank you.

Read something nice about us!
12 November 2010 - Mount Pleasant PA

moldy berries
I was visiting Mt Pleasant last week and my mother wanted to visit to buy some berries. We were both impressed with the store and bought a couple of pints of blueberries and blackberries, As we were leaving I mentioned we should come back for lunch on a Sunday. WELL----the next day my mom calls to tell me that when she went to clean the berries that evening they were MOLDY. I told her to call to inform the owners, cause that can happen BUT the response she got was ---"OH WELL--TO BAD". WE WON'T BE BACK FOR LUNCH OR ANYTHING ELSE!
16 August 2010

Webmaster comments   Unfortunately last Friday we discovered that our store cooler needed more refrigerant and was running in the low 50's--which was why your berries were moldy-- that is too warm for them to survive when they are picked dead ripe like ours are. You should never have received that response on the phone, and the person who waited on you should have seen that your berries weren't in good condition when you bought them, and should have brought them to the sorting room to be inspected. I don't know what day the cooler developed the leak, because the cooler thermometer, as luck would have it, had been used to check truck temperatures and hadn't been returned. This is not an excuse for moldy berries, but it is a reason. We are not in the practice of selling moldy berries, and the condition of them has been excellent this year, except at the very beginning of the season when we had many days of rain in a row. We extend our apologies.

Well we did in fact have our wedding at SHB, and the weather was PERFECT! the hanging baskets were beautiful on the path to the ceremony site, the sheep were grazing behing the fence, and everything turned out so perfectly I could have shouted for joy! Our guests very much enjoyed the atmosphere, as well as having the opportunity to sample your wines. quite a few bought bottles, and my dad's girlfriend actually shipped two cases to her home in Las Vegas.
Thank you all so much for helping to make our wedding day be so special, perfect, and something to talk about for years and years to come.
23 July 2009 - New Kensington, PA

Webmaster comments   Thank you, Heather!

My fiancÚ and I went to SHB after our ceremony site had closed. We were thrilled that this happened because Sand Hill was exactly the atmosphere we were looking for for our outdoor ceremony. We can't wait to get married there in June! Susan and all the other staff were very friendly, and the wine, pie & cookies we bought delicious. SHB is somewhere we will go back to often!
7 April 2009 - New Kensington PA

Webmaster comments   Now let's have a no-rain day!

I've purchased your Sand Hill Gift Boxes loaded with all the goodies now for about ten years and I can tell you the Customers, Friends, and Family I've given them to RAVE about both the incredible product and the presentation packaging. Keep up the good work, as I'm sending you my order on Monday for this years SAND HILL GIFT BOXES!!!!!!!!!

PS I bought a couple cases of your wine and handed out bottles of it for our Employee Christmas Party and it was a big hit. Your Blackberry Wine was incredible.
5 December 2008 - Pittsburgh

Webmaster comments   Thanks jeff --smileyface

I have gone now 2 years in a row to your fall festival and enjoy it everytime. The ice cream with the raspberries was so good. I also enjoyed the gentlemen that was singing by the area where the wine is sold. He was there Sunday afternoon. I don't even know what his name was but he was good and funny at times. I have also stopped other times throughout the year and tasted the wine. I like the blackberry the best. Keep up the good work and I will be visiting again.
9 November 2008 - Greensburg

We were exploring Pittsburgh last week and bought a rasberry jelly at a farmers market. My mom in Minnesota made the best rasberry jelly, but yours ranks right up there. It is the best I have found in many years. So glad to see I can order some and have it shipped
8 September 2008 - Moorhead Minnesota

Webmaster comments   Nothing added--just pure raspberry! Thanks.

Shelley Thompson | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
We knew you had yummy desserts but the wine was a big surprise. We celebrated our anniversary last night (Aug 16, 2008) at the winery enjoying "Sweaty Betty", wonderful wine, and conversation under a full moon. Your grounds are beautiful and the evening was perfect.
Hope you have a mailing list so we don't miss any special events.
17 August 2008 - Greensburg

Yesterday, for my Birthday, my husband took me to your quaint lil cafe. So beautiful & peaceful there. The raspberry smoothie was to die for. Thank you for helping to make my birthday memorable.
23 July 2008 - Scottdale, PA

Webmaster comments   I am glad you had a nice time. My 88-yr old father makes the smoothie juice. I will let him know. Thanks!

Just got back from my yearly trip to SHB. Every year there is something new. What a wonderful place you have! Just delightful! And the ice cream is out of this world.
13 July 2008 - Bellevue, Pittsburgh, PA

Queen Connie from the Red Hat Group, Perry Purple Passions | MOVE IMAGE PLEASE
22 ladies from our red hat group had a late luncheon at Sandberries in June . I cannot say enough about your place. It was such a wonderful place that we plan on going again in the fall! The service was excellent (you even stayed open late for us)! The food was good: the portions were so big that I could not eat all of mine. The pies are absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was so relaxing. We visited the wine shop and tasted the wines and bought out every pie from the pie shop! It is such a great place for a "red hat outing". We give it a 5 star!
12 July 2008 - Perryopolis, PA

Your winery grand opening was so well organized! A great event. I've tasted Cabernet sauvignon at many of the wineries in the state. Your's is the best one I've found. At many wineries it's too spicy or peppery. Your's is just right! And your Blackberry wine, yum!
And I thought the pies were worth the trip!
6 October 2007 - Pittsburgh, PA

I love all your products!! I have been going to a farmers market and buying pies, jams and cookies every week. I'm getting spoiled! These are best berries ever!

The service is great also!
22 September 2007 - Pittsburgh, PA

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